Citizens for Adult Choice is dedicated to protecting the individual liberty of every adult in Massachusetts against encroachment on their right to make grown up decisions. Today, those rights are at risk from the creeping authoritarianism of local authorities who seek to dictate their personal preferences onto other adults through new laws and regulations restricting our ability to purchase and consume legal products. We believe adults age 21+ are perfectly capable of making these decisions for themselves, and that supplanting these rights creates a slippery slope toward never ending intrusion into more and more private adult decisions.

What Is The So-Called “Nicotine Free Generation?”

The so-called “Nicotine Free Generation” or “Tobacco Free Generation” concept is the next step in an authoritarian movement that seeks to dictate many life choices of adults. This modern-day attempt regulate morality is designed to prevent adults of any age from buying and using these products. It does this by establishing an arbitrary “born on date” whereby anyone born after is prohibited from using any nicotine product at any age or for any reason where a person is 21, 30, or 50+. If NFG zealots are successful, there is nothing stopping them from justifying a public health ban on alcohol, marijuana, sugary beverages, fast food, placing a wager or any other product or behavior that doesn’t meet their standards for healthy and righteous living.